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Hello! We are SKZcord, a STAY Fanbase and Voting Team with our main headquarters operating out of our Discord server.๐Ÿค Our goal is to maintain a safe Haven for STAY everywhere, all around the world.


First time using Discord?
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โญ ยท What is SKZcord?We are a STAY Fanbase and community that operates out of Discord. Join our server to participate in our voting and streaming teams for Stray Kids, receive updates on current voting and streaming goals, and find STAY friends!

โญ ยท Do I need voting or streaming experience to join SKZcord?No! We are exactly the kind of place you can feel safe learning how to properly vote and stream for Stray Kids. โ™ฅ๏ธŽ

โญ ยท Do I have to participate in voting and streaming in this server?No. We do not require participation to join, but note that we will heavily encourage it. If you'd like to join just to socialize, that is welcomed too.

โญ ยท What should I expect when I enter SKZcord?Follow all instructions in #โšก-start-line to learn how to access our server. We will require at least one screenshot of recent proof of being STAY before acceptance.

โญ ยท When I try to send my proof Discord says it is "explicit content" and won't accept it. What do I do?This is because of a detection algorithm in Discord that mainly focuses on photo color. Try changing your proofs to black and white, or add more bold colors, and resend.

โญ ยท I'm a returning member. What do I need to do to re-join SKZcord?Welcome back! Since we haven't seen you in a while, we're asking you to follow the same process as all new joins. You will need to send more recent proofs to regain access.


We are currently only accepting permanent Mnet+ account donations.For any questions, contact us through Discord or Twitter. Thank you. ๐Ÿ’—

Voting Resources

Please find voting information and tutorial links below.

Music Show Info

Stray Kids promote on music shows for their comebacks - broadcasts where they have a chance of winning music show wins, based on certain criteria.
Music show wins are one way of seeing how successful/popular a group has become.

Stray Kids promote on the following shows:
ยทยท - ยทยท Show Champion Wed 18:00 KST
ยทยท - ยทยท M Countdown Thu 18:00 KST
ยทยท - ยทยท Music Bank Fri 17:00 KST
ยทยท - ยทยท Show! Music Core Sat 15:15 KST
ยทยทยทยทยทยทยทยท - ยทยท Support MC Lee Know every Saturday!
ยทยท - ยทยท Inkigayo Sun 15:40 KST

Each music show has a different score calculation. Here's what you can do to help Stray Kids win music shows, in general:- STREAM on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music
- STREAM on Korean streaming sites (e.g. Melon, Genie, Bugs!, Flo, etc.)
ยทยทยทยทยทยทยทยท - ยทยท DELSHOP or skzwdzcart, to buy/rent streaming passes + accounts
- VOTE in pre-voting and live voting

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Check out the Music Show Prep page to learn how to get ready for music shows!
Check out the Tutorials page if you need voting guides!

Music Show Prep

Refer to the graphics above, or the table below to get a quick overview of Music Show preparations concerning voting.Digital music scores are also very important for music show wins. Click here for Korean Music Platforms and instructions.Collect with an expectation of 2-4 weeks of Music Show promotions.

Idol Champ

Idol Champ
for Show Champion.

Total needed per week: at least 3,600 chamsim (Time and Ruby) (300 votes per day x 4 voting days). 1 account per device.

Tutorial ยท iOS ยท Android

Mnet logo.

Mnet +
for M Countdown.

Create more accounts, or join SKZcord's Voting Team to be given extra. You will receive only one M Countdown vote per account.

Tutorial ยท iOS ยท Android


for Show! Music Core and Music Bank.

Show! Music Core: Save 150 Heart Beats per voting week for live voting, and collect 2,000 Beats for pre-voting.

Music Bank: Collect 1,000 Beats for pre-voting.

Total needed per week for both: about 3,150 Heart Beats per account. 6 accounts per device.

Tutorial ยท iOS ยท Android

SuperStar X app logo.

SuperStar X
for Inkigayo.

Pre-voting: one vote per day per account
Live voting: Collect 250 Rubies or 25 Gems per ID (equal to 5 votes per ID).
Hot Stage: Collect 600 Rubies or 60 Gems per ID (5 votes per day x 4 days).

Total needed per week for both: 850 Rubies (or 85 Gems) per account.

Tutorial ยท iOS ยท Android